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      The Story Behind Vinyl Buddy

      I fell in love with vinyl as a little boy. My grandpa would play records on his dusty player and I would watch him dance - my sister on his toes, giggling.

      This stuck with me and while I’ve had my fair share of CD’s and music downloads, I always go back to vinyl and the nostalgia it brings.

      I’ve realized that vinyl isn't something one just listens to. Vinyl lives inside of ones soul, inhabiting us, taking us on an adventure to a different place - a different time.

      I created this collection of vinyl record cleaners out of selfish reasons - to preserve my own collection. I decided to share it with the world once I started noticing the return of vinyl - in coffee shops, playing in my friends apartments during dinner parties, and so on. With these cleaners your vinyl will reach its full potential. I hope you enjoy the many hours of crisp, beautiful, vinyl listening you have ahead

      -Adam Meinhardt, Owner