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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Robert Edwards
      Love it, but....

      This cleaning kit is great. It cleans my records very well. I would just recommend that the velvet brush be redesigned to be more flush to the record. If you hold the velvet cleaner level to the record, you will see that it only contacts about 2" in the center. I just simple roll it from left to right over the groves. Peace

      Cassie Nava

      Just what my records needed! The brush works perfectly to clean off surface level dust, and I'm sure as I keep using it I won't need to use the deeper cleaning velvet brush! But I am glad I have the solution and velvet brush for when I find beat up and vintage vinyl.

      Aidan Woodard
      Excellent in Function and Look!

      Got these about a week ago, have used everything at this point. I particularly like the brush, and usually run it over each side before playing. The stylus brush is properly soft, and has done a great job cleaning mine. I have only used the velvet brush and cleaning solution once, but that record came out extremely clean! Highly recommend for those looking for an entry kit.