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      Frequently asked questions about Vinyl Buddy record cleaners

      Frequently asked questions about Vinyl Buddy record cleaners

      We have had so many great questions come through about our Vinyl Buddy - we asked the questions straight to people that have already purchased the Vinyl Buddy for unbiased answers to help you in the best way possible!


      Vinyl Buddy looks awesome, but tell me — how does it work?

      Vinyl Buddy's specialty roller naturally attracts debris from deep within your records grooves by creating a sticking effect. With only a few rolls you can bring your vinyl back to optimal playing condition.


      My vinyl collection is dear to my heart — will Vinyl Buddy damage my records?

      No it will not! Vinyl Buddy is gentle and 100% chemical and adhesive free . The roller is made from a soft, specialized material that will never harm your record’s surface.


      I’m a big pet lover — will Vinyl Buddy clean up pet hair?

      Absolutely - the roller was specifically designed to attract and pull debris from your records grooves. Pet hair is no exception to Vinyl Buddy’s goal.


      Nobody has a bigger vinyl collection than me — How long does it last? Does the roller lose stickiness?

      Although the roller creates a sticking effect, it doesn’t contain an actual adhesive that is subject to deterioration. The roller is made from a specialized material that was designed to naturally attract lint, fuzz and other debris without containing glues or other potentially harmful chemicals. If properly cared for, Vinyl Buddy will last for years.


      Sometimes I can be a little impatient — Can you drop the needle right after using this?

      Yes! One one the benefits of liquid free cleaning is that you can immediately drop the needle.